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Monday, July 5, 2021



Abigail is the best gardener in town and has brought a basket of her prize tomatoes! 
She is dressed in a fine gown of sprigged cotton with a border at hem and sleeves.  She has a lace shawl fastened with an antique gilded eagle pin .  On her head she has a wonderful antique baby bonnet  with ruching all around and topped with a wide hat of figured cotton.  Underneath her petticoat has fine tucks all around from an antique petticoat and lace trimmed pantalets. Her shoes are leather buttoned up at each side with pearl buttons and a red pompom.  
She carries an antique flag and a vintage basket with tomato pincushion. 
 She is papier mache on a cloth body weighted to sit and a large 30" 
Abigail is Sold thank you ! 
plus S/H  to purchase please email  with Abigail in the subject line


Augusta has brought a paperbox of treats to the picnic auction and hopes someone special will bid on it! 
 She is dressed in a lovely gown with antique pale blue embroidery at the hem  with vintage eyelet  trim. Her bodice has delicate blue embroidery and is tied up at the waist  with a vintage ribbon sash.  Her bonnet is straw trimmed with lace and a patriotic ribbon and vintage millinery berries.  She carries an antique paper box with  attached  photo and a tiny flag at her waist.
She is papier mache on a cloth body on her own wooden stand 16" 
Augusta is Sold thank you ! 
plus S/H
 to purchase please put Augusta in the subject line



  Charity cant wait to join the parade! 
 She is dressed in a  skirt fashioned of antique gauze bunting with a cotton  bodice trimmed in antique tinsel. Her patriotic ribbon sash is trimmed with Dresden stars and her tiara is antique glass glitter and dresden stars. She carries a banner that says Independence Day
She is papiermache on a cloth body but comes with her own removable wooden stand. 13"
Charity is Sold thank you ! 
plus S/H
to purchase please email the name Charity in the subject line 


Harriet is proud to carry her flag in the parade! 
 She is dressed in a skirt of striped cotton topped with a bodice of antique red chintz. He has antique metallic fringe at hem and neckline and trim of antique tinsel and Dresden stars.
Her headdress is a crown of glass glitter and Dresden stars. She carries an antique flag and banner that proclaims  how much she loves her land. 
hand sculpted papier mache on a cloth body on her own wooden stand 16" 
Harriet is  Sold thank you ! 
plus S/H 
to purchase please email Harriet in subject line



Ida is the darling of the picnic-goers. ! She is dressed in a skirt of antique jacquard stripe  with a tiny print cotton bodice trimmed with antique tinsel and embroidered trim. She has antique lace trimmed cotton pantalets and petticoat and gilded boots.   over her mohair braids she has a hat of  dotted cotton trimmed with ribbon and Dresden stars
 papier mâché on a cloth body  weighted to sit 13" 
 Ida is Sold thank you! 
to purchase please email Ida in the subject line



 Polly is a tiny little thing dressed in a beautiful lace gown with  tinsel trim ,  paper ribbon 
and Dresden star. She has a glass glitter star atop her head and paper banner.
 She has dotted pantalets and sassy red boots. 
papier mache on a cloth body with a thread hanger  7" 
 Polly is Sold thank you ! 
 to purchase please email Polly in the subject line



Fannie is trying to show off her new shoes while being modest and not show her ankles. 
   She is dressed in a gown of  beautiful blue floral cotton  with an antique cotton eyelet lace petticoat and pantalets underneath.  Her   hair is goat hair and is pulled into a chignon under her hand stitched cotton  bonnet.   Her shoes are ribbon bedecked red and she carries an antique flag and copy of a vintage photo.
Papier mâché on a cloth body weighted to sit  22" 
Fannie is Sold thank you ! 
plus S/H
to purchase please put Fannie in the subject line




 Georgia is  proud to lead the Hometown Parade !
 She is dressed in a skirt of antique ticking stripe  with a bodice of fine cotton , a velvet vest and a stomacher of stripe ribbon all adorned with antique metallic braid, fringe and Dresden stars.  Her wavy mohair coiffure is tied  back in a queue with a tricorn hat  adorned with metallic braid a ribbon cockade with Dresden star and a jaunty feather .  Her petticoat and pantalets are  antique lace trimmed jacquard cotton . She is handsculpted papier mache on a cloth body and on her own wooden stand  22" 
 Georgia is Sold thank you ! 
plus S/H 
To purchase please put Georgia in the subject line 

Tonights Sale!


     I have gotten several emails  recently about the  process  to purchase a doll. For those of you who are new and  to the loyal customers... here is the refresher! 

     Please email the name of the doll in the subject line. 

   No need to put anything in the body of the email at this time. 

    The reason for this is that when I look at my inbox I see your name and the dolls name all neatly lined up ...I don't have to open each individual email to see what you would like.   I can just quickly allot the doll to the collector. 

 Keep in mind that there is an email link on each listing but it is not automatic. You must put the name .If you say. " this one! "  I won't know which you are talking about without that name!  

 Also please open a  fresh new email with my address in it...if you  just reply to the newsletter I sent it takes longer  to reach me with the newsletter and previous correspondence attached. 

   Also ...it  usually does go fast...I may get 10 emails  at exactly 5:30  asking for doll A and only one asking for doll B    and the first email for doll C doesn't come in until 5:45  ..etc! .   so don't lose heart!  

 I will quickly reply Yes...and get back to you later about purchase details.  or I will reply "try again for another. " 

 Wish I could make more...sometimes I can ! 

     See you in a little bit  <3

Saturday, July 3, 2021


A  Dolls Picnic  for 4th of July
 Right here on the 5th of July !

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Christmas 2020


 Thank you to all of you who gathered  up an angel this year and to those of you who sent in a request or just a compliment  It all means so much to me and keeps my small business and my heart going 
Peace to you and and your family 

Friday, October 16, 2020

Tuesday, October 6, 2020