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Friday, October 8, 2021

Sale info !


     I have gotten several emails  recently about the  process  to purchase a doll. For those of you who are new and  to the loyal customers... here is the refresher! 

     Please email the name of the doll in the subject line. 

   No need to put anything in the body of the email at this time. 

    The reason for this is that when I look at my inbox I see your name and the dolls name all neatly lined up ...I don't have to open each individual email to see what you would like.   I can just quickly allot the doll to the collector. 

 Keep in mind that there is an email link on each listing but it is not automatic. You must put the name .If you say. " this one! "  I won't know which you are talking about without that name!  

 Also please open a  fresh new email with my address in it...if you  just reply to the newsletter I sent it takes longer  to reach me with the newsletter and previous correspondence attached. 

   Also ...it  usually does go fast...I may get 10 emails  at exactly 5:30  asking for doll A and only one asking for doll B    and the first email for doll C doesn't come in until 5:45  ..etc! .   so don't lose heart!  

 I will quickly reply Yes...and get back to you later about purchase details.  or I will reply "try again for another. " 

 Wish I could make more...sometimes I can ! 

     See you in a little bit  <3

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