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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

 Thank you so much to all who came to shop the spring sale. I appreciate you all so much!!  
The dolls are all so happy to find wonderful homes

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


 Mary has gathered all her little flower maids from the Garden.  
Mary is  dressed in a skirt of antique  faded stripe twill with a bodice of antique french cotton. Around her waist is a striped belt  with embossed metal buckle. Her cloak is an antique baby or doll cape of glazed cotton lined with flannel and trimmed in ribbon.  Her little maids are all dressed in  delicate floral cottons  with  wee antique lace petticoats and pantalets.  She is paper mache   with  wool hair and stands on her own stand at 22" . Her little maids are 6 " and 8"
 Mary is  Sold thank you!! 
please email Mary  in the subject line. 


 Violette is an impressive large size doll  at 30"  
She is dressed in a gown of blossom bestrewn cotton trimmed in ribbon . She has an underskirt  made from an antique lace and fine cotton petticoat and pantalets of antique  lace trimmed cotton. She wears darling little antique children  leather slippers trimmed in lovely ruched ribbon with the childs stockings as well. She has an antique lace baby bonnet under her flower bedecked straw hat.
She has lace mitts on her articulated fingers and carries her little stuffed lamb with her . She is  paper mache on a cloth body  weighted to sit at 30" 
Violette is Sold thank you! 
please email Violette in the subject line


Zinnia  is out gathering flowers in her garden..She is dressed in a bodice of beautiful  antique pink cotton strewn with pale blue and brown blossoms with lace and festooned with a ribbon rosette. Her skirt is antique stripe over a lace underskirt and lace trimmed pantalets.  She has glass eyes and mohair  coiffure topped with a  cream straw hat. She carries a  worn antique  garland of 
 wax buds from France.  She is 15" and on her own stand 
 Zinnia is  Sold thank you! 
please email Zinnia in the subject line


 Laurel keeps her little lamb close by her side when they are out in the garden. She wears a gossamer gown of antique cotton with florals stripes and subtle dots. Her bodice is trimmed in ribbon rosettes on gilt braid and she carries a wee little lamb and floral  circlet.  Antique lace petticoats and pantalets complete her ensemble, She is paper mache on a cloth body weighted to sit 12" 
 Laurel is Sold thank you! 
please email Laurel in the subject line 


 Begonia  happily prances about with her little bunny friend. She is dressed in a costume of antique glazed cotton and a skirt of antique stripe. Underneath she  has  pantalets and petticoat of antique cotton and her hat and bodice are trimmed win dresden ornaments.  She is paper mache on a cloth body and she comes with her own removable stand 12" with a paper mache bunny ornament
Begonia is sold thank you! 
please email Begonia in the subject line. 


Lavender has just picked a darling posy in the garden. Lavender is dressed in a lovely frock of antique french cotton. She has petticoat and pantalets of antique cotton and lace. Her painted boots have bows of velvet with cut steel buckles and she has a straw bonnet topped with a silky bow. She is paper mache  on a cloth body weighted to sit at 22" 
Lavender is Sold thank you! 
please email Lavender  in the subject line to 


Buttercup has found a sweet tiny dolly to put in her basket .  Buttercup is dressed in an antique  cotton dolls dress that looks like it was made just for her . She wears it with a striped floral cotton skirt  banded in ribbon. underneath she has petticoat and pantalets of antique lace and around her neck she has a hand-dyed picot edge neck ruff.  She carries a crochet bag with a tiny frozen charlotte also in neck ruff with a vintage posy and antique pale pink grass. 
She is papier mache on a cloth body weighted to sit at 15" 
Buttercup is Sold thank you! 
please email Buttercup in the subject line


Poppy  loves to wander the meadow in spring with her sweet little lamb. She is dressed 
in a gown of antique cotton sprigged with blossoms. She has antique  eyelet lace petticoat and pantalets  and a bit of lace and a posy round her shoulders Her bonnet  is fashioned of antique trim with a fringed edge.  She is  paper mache on a cloth body weighted to sit 12" 
Poppy is Sold thank you! 
please email her name in the subject line  to

Welcome Spring! 
Thank you so much for attending! 
If you would like to purchase please email me  with the name of the doll in the subject line.
You must add the name of the doll because each  email link under the doll does not automatically tell me which one you would like to have. 
Please  don't just say "this one! "  because I won't know which  you mean : ) 
 My computer is being very finicky  and slow so  please be patient  as I do my best. 
 I will get back to you  as soon as I can with a "yes" or "try another " 
   Please be reminded that I use antique fabrics trims and laces  almost exclusively. and the dolls are given an aged  finish   which means there may be  inherent age spots and gentle wear   for a time-worn patina .
 Thank you so much as always...I am so grateful you all love dolls! 

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Spring Dolls will be here soon! 
Right here on 
 Wednesday  April 18 at 5:30 pm pdt   
 See you then!