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Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Grace is  has just received a token from her  secret sweetheart.  She is dressed in a frock of antique french cotton with ruched ribbon on the bodice. Her petticoat and pantalets are trimmed in very fine lace. She carries a  "Lovers Eye" paper token .  
papiermache on a cloth body weighted to sit 12" 
Grace is Sold thank you! 
plus S/H 
please mail "Grace" to purchase


Emmy will  happily  hold all of your sentiments and tokens . Emmy is a tiny pincushion doll of  floral cotton with a gold heart pin holding the sentiment "remember me"  
Papier mache  with cloth.  a wee 6.5" 
Emmy is Sold Thank you! 
plus S/H
please email "Emmy " to  purchase


Darla  has exchanged tokens of affection with her closest friends . She is dressed in a  cotton gown  bound at the hem in ribbon. Underneath she has  antique lace trimmed petticoat and pantalets.  Her bonnet is straw with ribbon trim. She carries a heart stitched on antique silk velvet with a paper sentiment "Tokens of the Heart" 
 She is papier mache on a cloth body 12"  weighted to sit. 
Darla is  Sold Thank you! 
plus S/H 
please email "Darla" to purchase


 Trudy  loves to fashion her own Valentines to gift to her  loved ones.  She is dressed in a  rose bestrewn cotton gown  with puffed sleeves and ruched hem . Underneath she has lace rimmed petticoat and pantalets.  She has a straw bonnet  trimmed in lace and ribbon. She carries a token of antique scrap with the sentiment "Hearts Desire"
 She is papier mache on a cloth body weighted to sit 12" 
(pictured on a  doll stand,  not included)
Trudy is Sold Thank You!  
plus S/H 
please email "Trudy" to purchase 


 Arabella loves to gather with her friends and stitch heartfelt sentiments.  She is dressed in a  blossom sprigged calico  wonderfully gathered at the bodice.  Underneath her pantalets and  petticoats are antique lace trimmed and she has  ribboned bows on her leather boots.  Her straw bonnet is trimmed in antique lace and  ribbon.  She carries a token of love on her  heart stitched pocket. 
She is 23" and weighted to sit. 
 Arabella is Sold Thank you!! 
plus S/H 
please email "Arabella" to purchase


Blanche loves nothing better than tea with  her dearest friends.  She is dressed in a gossamer gown of striped voile over a petticoat of fine  delicate  all-over lace.  Her gown is trimmed with antique  ruched  and gilded ribbon trim.   She has a mohair coiffure topped with a lovely piece of embroidered lace. She carries a  paper and dresden token of affection  from her dear friend. 
She is papier mache  with glass eyes  on her own stand 17" 
Blanche is Sold Thank you!! 
plus S/H
please email "Blanche"  to purchase


 Clarissa is off to the Sweetheart Ball  dressed in her amazing frock of antique French Cotton.  Underneath she has an underskirt of palest pink antique cotton and  pantalets and petticoat of antique cotton and  lace. Her gown is trimmed in  the sweetest  looped ribbon trim and lace at her sleeves.  Her hat is fashioned of the same french cotton and trimmed with looped ribbon over a  lace mobcap and luscious wide silk ribbons. She has saved her dance card as a token of the Heart.
Papier mache on a cloth body on her own stand  at 22" 
Clarissa is Sold Thank you! 
plus S/H 
please email  "Clarissa"  to purchase 

Saturday, February 3, 2018

A Token of Affection from me to you...
 an online doll sale right here  
Wednesday Feb 7  5pm pst

at that time  dolls will be listed here for sale...
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