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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Thank you so much everyone for the fantastic sale!  I have Never seen it go this fast or have so many of you asking for dolls.  I was completely overwhelmed.  The emails come in so quickly and so many of them at once  I can't believe you all can type so fast!! LOL .  I thank you all from the bottom of my heart and  
 a Happy Easter  to you   xo N 


 Daisy is off to the Easter Parade in her Antique leather shoe   adorned with an antique satin ribbon  and shaded with a lovely floral garland  arbor.  She is dressed in a delicate net lace gown and  net 
bonnet and carries a wee nest and egg.  She is papier mache and measures 9"x11"
Daisy is Sold thank you!! 

plus S/H 
please email name to purchase 


Viola is dressed in a fine  voile gown with pale blush rosebuds and lace  round her shoulders. She wears a  hat of blush wool bedecked with a  garden of blossoms and large velvet bow.  Her companion is a tiny chalkware sheep. She is papier mache on a cloth body weighted to sit 12" 
Viola is sold thank you! 
plus S/H 
please email name to purchase 


Posy is just hanging around waiting for Easter. She is dressed in a bunny costume of  antique batting  trimmed with pink ruching and holds a gilded egg.    Her cornucopia is bedecked with  lush ribbon and paper rosette with  dresden  bunny all comfy in  fine excelsior.  12" overall 
 Posy is  sold thank you! 
plus S/H 
please email name to purchase


Liliana is dressed in a  cotton gown of palest florals  trimmed with antique lace  and a lovely pink taffeta ribbon round her waist.  Her bonnet  is straw  lined in lace with a flower garland.  She carries a spun cotton egg trimmed with delicate flowers, Papier mache on a cloth body weight to sit. 12" 
Liliana is sold thank you! 
plus S/H 
please email name  to purchase


Hyacinth is dressed in an airy gown of palest robin egg blossoms trimmed with antique lace and beribboned with a blush ribbon.  Her bonnet  is straw with lace trim and blue bows over mohair hair. She carries an egg trimmed in antique tinsel and a dresden chick. Papier mache on a cloth body weighted to sit 12" 
 Hyacinth is sold thank you! 
plus S/H 
please email name to purchase


Marguerite  is dressed for the spring festivities in a gown of antique gossamer lace over a blush net underskirt .Her lovely net and floral ruched bodice with a lace flounce round the neck is made from an antique under sleeve.  Her velvet ribbon around the waist  is paler than reflection and her wide hat is made from silk velvet  with lovely metallic and ruched ribbon trim. She carries a basket of pale green with pale pink grass and gilded dresden bunny. She  has glass eyes and mohair hair  on her own stand at 15" 
Marguerite is  sold thank you!! 
plus S/H 
please email name  in subject line  to purchase


Clemetine is off to the Easter Fete  carrying her  gilded basket with  lovely faded easter grass and a dresden bunny. She is dressed in a gown of delicate  floral sprigged stripe  over a wonderful embroidered petticoat. Her stomacher is antique silk velvet  trimmed in lace and metallic braid with her gilded satin banner that proclaims Bonne Fete . She has a mohair coiffure topped with a Napolean Hat  trimmed in metallic braid and a lush velvet  cockade. Papier mache  on her own stand at  15" 
Clementine is sold thank you!
plus S/H
please email name in the subject line to purchase 


Tansy is  strolling the flowerbeds  dressed  in  A lavish gown of  wide quilted skirts topped with an antique pleated lace overskirt  with  embroidered ribbon stomacher. finishing touches are a lace fichu of palest eggshell blue green with rosettes of gaily striped ribbon.  Over her lace mobcap sits a floral and beribboned  straw bergere hat  (antique doll hat as found. )  She carries a beribboned and floral gilded egg.   Papier mache on her own stand at 20" 
 Tansy is sold thank you!! 
plus S/H 
please email name in subject line to purchase

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Spring Doll Sale

 Springtime is one of my favorite times to create ! 
I love the color palette and delicious millinery flowers and the freshness and lightness of it all. 
 I think we are all ready to shed the mantle of winter and breathe a bit of fresh air! 
The  Doll Sale will be right here on
Thursday April 13 
 I will post the dolls available at
5pm pdt
 Thank you so much for those of you who are anxious but  to be fair to everyone 
I am sorry  I do not  sell them ahead of the posted time 
and because you asked.... 
* just put the name of the doll in the subject line- I'll get back to you with details later
* the link to my email is on each listing but you still need to list the name of the doll 
* I will get back to you as quickly as I can 
(sometimes its pretty overwhelming : ) 
*please only emails to the listed address
I can't check FB or  FB messages ,  etc. 
 Thanks so much 
and I look forward to sharing a bit of Springtime!